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   Please remember this is a Proof of Concept and things are unfinished and you may experience bugs.  The game in its current state was created by a one man team with some help so please keep that in mind. Why 30$ The game is beautiful and i have put a lot of time into it trying my personal best to perfect it. However its not perfect i need the community's help to help me. If you have problems paying the full 25-30$ Please contact us and we can work something out for you! :)

Explorer is a first-person adventure game, mixed with horror. Explorer will be mainly focused on exploration and discovering the story behind the building and why it went abandon. You are a journalist searching for clues in and outside of buildings. This game will not just be an exploration game. In a month or two we plan to release a paranormal DLC that will allow you to play every map with paranormal activity going on around you. We plan on eventually making this game CO-OP, so you can explore with your friends and have fun doing it. This is a unique experience something i haven't seen before in the Video Game genre. If you want to just sit back relax and explore you can do that. If you decide to participate in the story lines for each map, you can check every crack and crevasse for a clue to what happened.  

 We are a very small team here at Felito and definitely need you're help and ideas to make this something you haven't seen before. I have searched for countless hours for a game like this, so I could just relax and walk around beautiful scenes. I have always loved urban exploration videos, and I was frustrated at the fact there wasn't a game like it out there yet. So I deiced to get to work and make it myself. This game is not just a asset flip, Like I said we are a very small team and we very great-full for the amazing work that has been released on the unreal engine marketplace everything is mainly a placeholder for now until we get the resources to do it ourselves. This is our first project and we have been doing great so far with it, With help of the amazing UE4 Community. At the rate we our going now we should be ready for closed early access by mid-March. I don't want to make promises I cant fulfill so stay updated on our Instagram to see how the progress is going on Explorer.  


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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